DC College Democrats

DC College Democrats connected with 300,000+ voters in 2018.

College Dems made an impact.


Our Mission

We recognize our unique place in the nation. As students in the District of Columbia, we are made up of life-long residents as well as of citizens of other states. As students in the nation’s capital, we have equal obligations both to our state and to our nation. As Democrats, we aim to promote the principles of our party.

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Our Impact

The District of Columbia College Democrats are pushing into full gear for this upcoming school year. We've developed a strategic plan with a list of ambitious goals to guide our organization through 2018 and 2019. This plan will serve as a starting point for an organization that will, this year, do work unrivaled by any other organization in the country, and that will serve, in the future, as a model for College Democrat chapters around the nation.




Every college student in the District of Columbia who identifies as a Democrat is a member of our organization.




We seek to provide all the resources necessary to our campus chapters for them to serve as exemplary organizations.




Our students, through their campus College Democrat chapters, work on dozens of campaigns every election.


Our Chapters

By the end of 2018, DC College Democrats will charter chapters on all eight major not-for-profit campuses in the District of Columbia. Presently, there are College Democrats organized on four campuses in Washington, DC. Look below for the contact information for each chapter, or click the button below to start a chapter on your campus or get in touch with the leaders of the College Democrats at your school.


American University

President: Angela Chen
Learn more at www.aucollegedems.org.
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The Catholic University of america

President: Marie Erickson
Learn more at the CUA website.
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Howard University

President: Amos Jackson
Learn more at the Howard University website.

The George Washington University

President: Bridget Anzano
Learn more at www.gwcollegedemocrats.org.
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Georgetown University

President: Rebecca Hollister
Learn more at www.georgetowndemocrats.com.
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January 2017

I am asking you to hold fast to that faith written into our founding documents ... a creed at the core of every American whose story is not yet written: Yes We Can.

Barack Obama, Farewell Address